Dynasty of the Sands

An Ancient Egyptian City Builder – focusing on Survival, Expansion and Creativity.

From humble beginnings, build a paradise along the banks of the Nile and let your people prosper.

Dynasty of the Sands challenges you to build a grand city upon the banks of the Nile. A huge open world awaits, populated with relics of dynasties past.

You must discover resources and technologies, improve the lives of your citizens, and build a vast city.

You start from humble beginnings, a collection of mud and straw huts, from which you will develop a mighty city.

Dynasty of the Sands takes place in an open world environment, with seasons, a day/night cycle, weather, wildlife, disease and more. These systems challenge the player as they develop a city to sustain a growing population.

A wide array of buildings and tools are at your disposal to create a mighty city. Most buildings have 6 levels of upgrade, from mud & straw through to a jewel encrusted monument.

Creative tools are a key focus, place flowerbeds and trees along paths, build custom parks for your citizens, locate, recover and display artifacts in your city on a range of custom plinths.

Constructing your city is a balancing act. The needs of your villagers, the environmental pressures and the gods make this a challenging experience. However perseverance will be rewarded with a golden city of riches.

The gods pose an ever present threat, and appeasing them is the only way to avoid their wrath. Building statues, shrines, temples and giving sacrifices are just some of the ways to pacify them.

– Villagers must be provided with Water Sources, Food, Shelter and Entertainment to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

– Resources will be required in abundance. Primary resources like Mud and Flax can be grown and extracted. Secondary and Tertiary resources like Mud Brick and Pottery must be crafted within a series of production buildings.

– Vast amounts of quarried rock are required to construct your Pyramid. Sandstone blocks and limestone casing become a valuable commodity as you expand your monument. Completion of Pyramid levels grants power from the gods, used to unlock technologies and avoid the gods wrath.

– In-depth environment, day/night cycle, weather, wildlife, disease and many more systems are constantly changing and evolving to create a dynamic and engaging game experience.