Developer Blog #2: Villagers in Ancient Egypt

Villagers in the sun in ancient Egyptian city

Hey folks! Today we’re going to talk a little about the villagers who live in your city, their wants, needs and aspirations.

During development, we aimed to make the villagers within your city unique. Each villager has a name, title, a description and various aspirations.

In addition villagers have a number of requirements which must be met:

Food – Keeping your population fed requires farms, fishing, bakeries and much more. Hungry villagers will first become unhappy then unhealthy, and finally, will succumb to starvation.

Water – Water is a pressing issue for your city, as you begin to build inland, the waters of the Nile will no longer suffice and you must irrigate the land and build water stores to ensure your citizens have the water they need to live and work.

Happiness – Villager happiness is affected by many variables. The appeal level of their surrounding buildings. Amenities like theaters, their current food and water and many more all affect how villagers feel about life in your city.

Health – Finally, villagers have their current health level, if this drops to zero, a villager dies. Health is affected by Food, Water, Happiness and infections (more to come on this soon).

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